Are you tired to spend a lot of money because of your phone charges? No problem!

We rent portable modem wifi that you can bring with you during your holiday in Rome, so that you can surf on internet easily without extra costs.

Send us your request and stop by the lounge to pick up your modem!


A) From 1 to 10 days € 6,00 per day

B) From 11 to 20 days € 5,00 per day

C) From 21 to 30 days € 4,00 per day


If you are looking for a way to make phone calls in Italy and to surf on internet with your mobile phone, at the Lounge you can buy a SIM card.
Pass by the Lounge to find out which solutions we found for you.


SIM Card Euro 20,00

What includes:
800 anytime minutes calls to Italy and Europe
400 anytime minutes calls outside Europe
4gb internet connection

* At the Lounge you will find out other prices and offers.